M.A.K. (_ashlinn_) wrote in lisgar,

new mods

Wondering if there are any grade 9-11s in this community that would be interested in maintaining this community next year once Yvonne and I have graduated. She and I would still maintin erm.. maintainership, but we'd like someone to keeo up the community while we're busy being cooler and in university. If anyone is interested, email me, leave a comment, or throw something at me in the hall before the end of next week and we'll work something out.

DANKE and happy phi chi pi ing (??)
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Um Mariel, being in university doesn't mean being cooler. We're going to be freshmen... and I'm going to be doing, ghasp, sciences. :(
I'll be at Lisgar next year and would love to :-)
excellent ye be added as a mod (as you are the only applicant)
thanks :)